Upgrade & New Electricity Supply

Upgrade & New Electricity Supply

When you need a new electricity connection or an electricity supply upgrade, All-Tech Electrical & Mechanical will help you out. We are experts in installing new and upgraded electricity connections to residential homes, businesses, commercial properties, and industries.  We have a rock-solid reputation owing to our customer-focused team and quality of work. Whether you need a one-off electricity connection or want to upgrade or maintain electrical equipment, our team can help. Some of our services include the following:

Electricity Supply Upgrade to 70kVA

All-Tech Electrical & Mechanical can provide an upgrade in your home or business from a single-phase electricity supply to a three-phase electricity supply. With this upgrade, you will get up to 70kVA of power. This is enough to satisfy all the power requirements for small businesses and residential properties.

An upgrade of not more than 70kVA of power is ideal when converting a house into flats so that every flat gets its own electricity meter and when installing equipment that needs a three-phase electrical supply like water pumps or high-power devices such as air or ground source heat pumps, large motors, welders, and microgeneration.

 Electricity Supply Upgrade to Over 70kVA

All-Tech Electrical & Mechanical can also help you boost your electricity supply to more than 70kVA. This upgrade is necessary for commercial customers who want to install new restaurant equipment, freezers for shops, and car parks that need multiple electric vehicle chargers.

New Electricity Connection

At All-Tech Electrical & Mechanical we can provide you with new electricity supply for commercial or domestic customers. We will do our best to install your new connection within the shortest time possible. However, for you to get electricity to your home or business, your electricity supplier must visit your property and connect an electricity meter. The electricity company owns the electricity meter and they are also responsible for it. You need to make the necessary arrangements to ensure that they come to your property after our work is complete so that you can have electricity.

With the fast track service from All-Tech Electrical & Mechanical, you do not have to wait for weeks for you to get a new connection or upgrade. We have an effective and reliable in-house system that guarantees absolute efficiency from the start to finish. Furthermore, our dedicated technicians will be on hand to help in resolving any inquiries throughout. We also carry out comprehensive safety checks to guarantee everything is working safely and correctly before our technicians leave your premises. Contact us today for all your electricity upgrades or new connections.

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