Do you need to Upgrade & Maintain HMOs & Rental Properties? Look Here!

Do you need to Upgrade & Maintain HMOs & Rental Properties? Look Here!

Landlords / HMO upgrade and service

In England and Wales, an HMO is a dwelling where three or more individuals from two or more independent households share amenities such as the kitchen and bathroom. In Scotland, a home with three independent tenants who share a kitchen, bathroom, and/or toilet is considered an HMO. HMOs are also referred to as "house shares."


Houses of multiple occupants (HMOs) provide landlords with an extremely profitable economic opportunity. HMOs often have greater rental income than single-family homes, but they are more difficult to manage. Fire safety is among the most critical aspects of management in HMOs.


Due to the nature of an HMO, it’s regarded to pose a larger fire risk than a typical rental home. Therefore, to qualify for an HMO license, you must meet minimum fire safety requirements. These consist of:

-Fitting fire safety doors -Providing fire extinguishers and fire blankets in communal spaces including kitchens. -Installation of mains-connected smoke detectors -CO alarms are put in high-risk rooms, such as those with gas appliances -Larger HMOs with three or more stories may be required to install a fire alarm system. -Special door knobs and locks are installed A landlord HMO upgrade is a big job that needs to follow several requirements. When upgrading an HMO, you must find local electricians that know and follow the standards. All-Tech Electrical & Mechanical assist. We're one of the most knowledgeable electrical companies in Peterborough, so you can trust us to give high-quality, professional advice. emergency electrician

We always deliver individual, customized services. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is to make your rental home secure for various occupants. We guarantee 24-hour emergency electrician services and faster turnaround time with a skilled team, testers, and a solid supplier base.

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