Cardea Electrician Ltd. is an experienced, fully licensed, and highly versatile electrical contracting company that provides a professional and customer-focused service to the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Our certified technicians service Peterborough and surrounding areas. We are a reliable company and we strive to continually improve our services and deliver unmatched repair, maintenance, and installation services to all our customers. Our priorities include:
 Be punctual
 Provide great quotes
 Be honest and reliable
 Exceed expectations
 Value each of our clients
 Provide quality workmanship
 Be friendly and helpful
Be punctual
We respond quickly and with precision to provide solutions and address the electrical concerns of our clients promptly to guarantee their peace of mind.
Provide great quotes
Our technicians thoroughly assess the project at hand and provide an estimate of the total project cost. We guarantee no hidden fees or hourly charges on our quotes and what is stated on the contract is what you will eventually pay.
Honesty and reliability
We show integrity in all that we do. We are thoughtful, straightforward, and courteous with our team, customers, community, and business partners. You can expect reliable services irrespective of the project scope.
Exceed expectations
We put our customers first and we strive to build trust and longstanding relationships both internally and externally.We always listen to and endeavor to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.
We value each of our clients
At Cardea Electrician, we strive to give every client the “red carpet treatment”. We treat every electrical project with the respect that it deserves, whether big or small.We never stop until our client is satisfied with the results.
Provide quality workmanship
Our leadership position in the electrical industry is based on over 20 years in the field, continuous in-field training, and direct collaboration in major and minor projects. We possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to manage minor and complex electrical challenges with accuracy and confidence.
Friendly and helpful service
Irrespective of the project scope, we will listen to the concerns of our clients and then spend the necessary time to complete the job.We offer friendly, helpful, and professional services, whether the project involves new installations, repairs or maintenance.
These are our priorities at Cardea Electrician Ltd. Contact us today and experience professional, precise electrical services,great pricing and unmatched customer service.

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